Why the tech industry is spending billions of dollars on a new cybersecurity framework

The Australian government is spending $2.5 billion on a cybersecurity framework, aimed at protecting the country’s IT systems from cyberattacks, amid concerns that hackers have infiltrated the country.

The Government is funding the “Cybersecurity and the Next Generation of Australia” (CAGE) initiative, which will include training, education and training of cyber specialists, according to a statement on the government’s website.”CAGE will enable Australia to better defend against cyber threats, and protect Australians from cyber attacks, in a global digital world,” the statement said.

“The CAGE program will build on existing training and training programs and will also provide for the development of a national cyber workforce and infrastructure.”

Cyber experts have warned that the rise of malware and sophisticated attacks on government networks has made IT systems less secure, but the Government has defended the decision to fund the initiative.

“This is about protecting our critical infrastructure and its critical services,” the Government said in a statement.

It will be funded from existing national and state funding and is being funded in a bid to deliver a robust, resilient and resilient cyber defence.””

The CAGES initiative will support the development and deployment of a global cybersecurity capability to support our national defence and protect our vital national assets.”

“It will be funded from existing national and state funding and is being funded in a bid to deliver a robust, resilient and resilient cyber defence.”

The announcement came as the Government revealed it had made a $2 million grant to the University of Queensland, which has been leading a “critical infrastructure” project to prepare for a cyber attack on its network.

The University has developed a “Cyberspace-Based Security Framework” (CBFS) which includes training on cyber security, risk management, security breach prevention and protection, cyber resilience and resilience assessment.

The CBFS was designed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as a “pre-emptive defence” against a “cyber attack”, with a “multi-stakeholder approach” to the project.

“Our CBFS framework was developed in collaboration with DHS and is intended to be a foundation for further development and testing of cybersecurity capability, including the deployment of national security-relevant technologies,” the department said.

The DHS said the CBFS will also be used to improve “cyberspace resilience” and “increase the resilience of critical infrastructure” to a cyber threat.

“As part of the CBFs security posture, the department will also seek to increase the ability of agencies and organizations to identify, mitigate and mitigate cyber threats,” the DHS said.

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