Which of these tech-focused startups are making the most money?

This question was asked by reddit user sashkip in the /r /technology subreddit.

The answers are divided into the following categories: 1) Software developers.

The answer here is “not enough,” because there is not a lot of success with software development.

2) IT-related companies.

The average software developer earns $90,000, but they only make $40,000 for their job.

3) Data-processing and analytics companies.

These companies often get a lot more attention than their software-related counterparts.

4) Retail.

There is some correlation between the size of a company’s revenue and the number of employees, but this isn’t true in this case.

5) Software as a service (SaaS).

SaaS companies often earn much more than the average company.

6) Data and analytics businesses.

This category includes some of the larger companies in this category, such as Amazon and Netflix.

7) Medical technology companies.

While medical software and data are becoming more popular, the data-processing business is not making much money.

8) Technology as a new industry.

While some companies are looking at technology for growth, the majority of companies are still looking to grow their existing businesses.

9) Healthcare.

This is a very large category that includes hospitals, medical facilities, and health-care providers.

10) Finance.

These industries are very different than other industries in that they can’t be easily separated.

11) Energy-related.

Most of these industries can be divided into “natural gas” and “coal” as well as “nuclear.”

12) Transportation.

These are the major sources of oil and gas, but transportation-related industries can also include trucking, busing, and even cruise ships.

13) Other sectors.

The data-analysis and financial-services industries are not very different from each other.

14) Education and health.

Health-related and education-related sectors have a lot in common.

15) Insurance and insurance-related services.

These sectors overlap with each other in that all three are heavily regulated.

16) Manufacturing.

These large industries are typically dominated by large corporations, but there are some exceptions.

17) Health care.

Health and health care industries overlap in some ways.

18) Transportation-related (cars, buses, planes, trains, etc.) and construction-related, such a as warehouses, etc. 19) Construction and real estate-related sources: /r/_techreddit/reddit/topics/tech-focused-startups/ The data: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2017, the median hourly wage in the United States was $50.13.

As of May 2018, that was $53.60, and it had increased slightly since then.

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