When it comes to getting a job, you should have a degree in engineering

Posted June 15, 2018 13:24:03 The Australian Government has unveiled a new program to help young people with an interest in technology gain entry into the workforce.

In a bid to tackle the skills shortage, the Australian National University (ANU) has created the Technical Services (Skills Australia) Program.

“There’s a lot of people out there who are interested in technology, but they don’t have a technical background,” ANU professor of technology and innovation John Skelton said.

“It’s an important pathway to go down and find work.”

It’s about providing an extra layer of support for people who may not otherwise have the qualifications that they would need to be able to take on a career in technology.

“Skelton says the program was designed to help those who were interested in the fields of technology, computer science and engineering but who were unable to complete high school diplomas.

The program was first announced in September last year.

In addition to the basic technical training, the program includes a number of courses and training opportunities that aim to develop technical skills for new employers.

Students are expected to work with senior staff in the field, complete some computer and engineering coursework, and undertake a series of projects for the employer.

A number of other skills are also taught.

One of the first projects in the program, for example, involves teaching computer programmers how to use the ANTIS platform.

It teaches the students how to set up a website and get started on building their own project.

Other courses include a course on the ANTSURF, a tool that allows users to track weather data from satellites.

Many of the courses are designed for people from a technical backgrounds, including those who are in computer science, and are not necessarily the ones who are looking for jobs.”

We want to give them a pathway to get into the technology sector,” Professor Skelson said.

Some of the training is also targeted at people with disabilities.

For example, students are encouraged to take a course called “The Big Data Toolkit”, which includes learning how to analyse data in a database.

Another project is called “Building the World’s First Mobile Internet Service”.

It helps students with computer skills to build a simple, self-contained web server and the ability to deploy a web app that displays real-time weather data.

Professor Skelon said there were already a number to choose from, but he wanted to make sure the program provided the right support for those interested in an interest.

He says the initiative is being developed to help the ANU students who were initially excluded from the program.

However, it will not apply to the students who did not complete high-school diplomas, so there are currently no plans to extend the program beyond those who have completed their qualifications.

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