Two Australian hospitals are facing a health crisis after failing to meet their staffing needs

Two Australian health facilities have been forced to close because of staffing shortages, and a third will close due to a lack of access to a critical oxygen supply, as a critical health crisis engulfs the nation.

Key points:The ABC has learned the facility at Bicentennial Hospital in Adelaide is facing a staffing crisis and has asked the hospital’s director if it will close as a result”Agency heads have been told they will need to seek more funding”The situation has been brought to the attention of the Government, Health Minister Peter Dutton has said”The Bicentenary Hospital is facing an acute staffing crisis.

The facility at the southern tip of Adelaide is home to two critical oxygen centres that are required to meet all hospital standards, including the minimum number of oxygen-saturated patients that can be transported to them, but the facilities’ management has been told the facility will close at the end of the month if it cannot meet its staffing needs.”

This means a closure of the hospital at the time of our coronavirus coronaviolitis surveillance report due to inadequate staffing,” the ABC has been informed.”

The management of the facility is now under the direct oversight of the Health Department, which has also requested additional funding from the state Government to fund the closure.

“While the Government is still reviewing the funding request from the Bicentury Hospital, it has already approved the additional funding request.”

Bicentennial is one of two facilities in the South Australian capital that has been affected by the coronaviruses coronavivirus pandemic.

The other facility is at a northern suburb of Perth, which was also hit by the pandemic and has been closed since mid-November.

Mr Dutton said the Bontinental Health Trust (BHT) and the Birches Hospital in Canberra were also under “significant staffing pressures”.

The Health Minister said the situation was so dire that he had requested a meeting with the head of the BHT to discuss the “urgent needs” of the two hospitals.

“Bicentenary is the second hospital that has had a closure and will be closed by the end in December,” Mr Dutton told the ABC.

“We have asked them to seek additional funding to be able to continue to care for the patients that need to be treated.”

In terms of the staffing situation, the Bounties have also been asked to seek further funding from local councils to continue their staffing.

“Mr Denslie said the hospitals management was working closely with the BCHTs management and the Health Ministry to “develop a plan for the future”.”

We will continue to do all that we can to support the BCT and Bircheres hospitals to remain operational and safe,” he said.”

I have also asked the head to provide advice on the need for additional funding and how we can achieve the funding.

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