The Mysterious Disappearance of a Mystery Train

In March, a mysterious train disappeared from a Wyoming road and vanished without a trace.

The train was a goldfield train and was traveling between Denver and Bismarck, North Dakota.

It was a train that, if it was not for a train engineer named John Breen, it would have been an easy case of the missing train.

Breen, a retired railroad engineer from Colorado Springs, was the one who was hired to work on the goldfields railroad when it was purchased by the state in 1971.

He would later become the sole survivor of a deadly train accident that occurred on May 4, 1967.

The goldfields rail service was operated by the Bismars railroad company and was built in 1882.

In 1967, the goldfield railroad began using a brand new track layout, with a more modern layout, which brought with it the addition of a freight track.

Breen’s life changed forever on that day in 1967.

Boken had taken a nap in his office and when he awoke to find his office filled with smoke and his bed filled with fire, he jumped out of bed and started running for the safety of his colleagues.

Brennen was killed that night in his home, leaving behind his wife and son.

Brennen’s son, Tom, went on to become a railroad engineer and eventually become a captain.

Tom Breen had a reputation for being an avid outdoorsman and his son, Brenen, had the reputation of being a hard worker.

“I don’t think he ever thought, ‘Oh my God, I’ve got to do something.’

He just had this passion and that was it,” said Tom Breen.

 Tom Brennan, who passed away in 2014, died at age 95.

While his father, Tom Bren, was a hero to so many, it was his son Breen who was honored as one of the top five active railroad workers in Wyoming.

His son had the distinction of being one of only three Wyoming firefighters to ever be awarded a medal for heroism, along with the other two being Bill Lister and William Clements.

When Breen passed away, his daughter, Mary Breen posted a touching tribute to him on her Facebook page.

“I have always felt a special connection to my father.

I was a little girl growing up watching him grow up and he was just so special.

He was always smiling and always giving me advice,” she wrote.

Read more about goldfields train accident at goldfields technical rescue services.

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