‘Dangerous’ Arizona bill allows concealed guns, but it has loopholes

Posted November 07, 2018 05:08:13 A bill passed by Arizona’s House Judiciary Committee that would allow people to carry concealed guns in public schools and universities has some serious loopholes.

A key provision would allow a teacher or aide to bring a concealed firearm into a classroom or to carry it in the halls of a school if the firearm is used to threaten an instructor or aide.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Dan Bishop, R-Tucson, would allow concealed guns to be carried by any teacher, aide or student, but not a student.

“I can’t speak for everyone who is doing this, but I can say that the intent is to allow the teachers, the staff and the students to protect themselves,” Bishop said in an interview.

The House Education Committee has been debating the bill for weeks.

Bishop said the bill’s provisions “will not be considered by the full House until after the vote, which is the last thing we need right now.”

If passed, the bill would also allow concealed weapons to be in a vehicle in school parking lots, and would allow instructors to carry firearms on campus.

The proposed law has been met with criticism by advocates who say it will allow a school to open up a backdoor into the campus that could allow dangerous students to carry guns to school.

Some of the bills sponsor say it would allow teachers to carry weapons into classrooms, but only if it’s used in self-defense.

Bishop has argued the bill allows teachers to bring concealed guns into classrooms.

But the legislation would allow anyone with a concealed weapons permit to carry a firearm on school property, including classrooms, a spokesman for Bishop told the Arizona Republic.

He said Bishop is open to the possibility of the bill making it through the House.

“There are people in the room with concealed weapons permits who are not carrying concealed guns,” said the spokesman, Michael Zullo.

“If we pass this bill, then the bill becomes a reality and I think the public will see that.”

Bishop said he has been working on the legislation for months, and he was surprised by some of the concerns that have been voiced.

“It’s just a really big surprise to me,” he said.

Bishop’s bill would allow for a teacher, or any other person, to carry and carry a concealed weapon if they’re in the process of making a threat to a teacher who is carrying a weapon or another person, the spokesman said.

That would not be allowed in school buildings or anywhere where there is a safety hazard, he said, but would be allowed at some locations.

The legislation would also not allow concealed carry on the grounds of a church or a school, but Bishop said that was the intent.

The Arizona Republic reported that Bishop was asked by the National Rifle Association to comment on the bill.

Bishop did not respond to requests for comment.

The Republic reported Monday that a bill that would prohibit concealed weapons at military bases was vetoed by Arizona Gov.

Doug Ducey, who called it a “misguided attempt to pass an unconstitutional law that has no basis in the Constitution and will be struck down in court.”

The bill was vetoed over concerns about how it would affect local law enforcement.

Bishop is the third Republican lawmaker to vote against Bishop’s legislation.

Duceys proposed bill would have required people who hold concealed weapons licenses to get a certificate that the concealed weapons license holder has not been convicted of a crime.

It was also vetoed because it would have allowed concealed weapons in public places.

Bishop also said he voted against the bill when it was introduced in March.

Bishop voted against a bill to increase penalties for people who commit felonies and to ban concealed carry in restaurants.

Bishop was a sponsor of a bill in 2013 that would have prohibited concealed carry at schools, bars and universities, but he voted in favor of the measure, saying it would only apply to certain schools.

In a news release on Tuesday, Bishop’s office said Bishop supported the bill that passed the Senate, but the bill passed the House, too.

He was also a sponsor in 2013 of a measure to create a national database of concealed weapons that would be made available to law enforcement, according to the statement.

Bishop, who is not a U.S. senator, has served in the House since 2014.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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